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[Insert Cool Album Name]


Music connects people because it captures the flow of life. This is how [Insert Cool Album Name] was born. It invites the listener to do something good for themselves. We propose music, dancing and chilling at the beach, but the sky is the limit. 

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We are a Producer-Duo from Germany who accidentally met up to create music together. What started out as just trying out stuff for fun evolved into actual songs, that now make up [INSERT COOL ALBUM NAME].

On this creative journey, we hooked up consistently with British-based Liam Kannon. We traveled to Romania to record with Alex Deleanu and Sebster from White Nights Studio, where we had a week of fun, flow and intense focus.

Working with so many talented artists made possible 8 songs that all stem from an urge to put out fun into the world. Because why would we put something else? Life is short, let’s spend it having some fun!



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